Lust For Life

12:48 PM

Photos by Julianna

This outfit makes me feel like I belong in a Lana Del Rey music video and I'm living for it.

Fun fact: I hate dresses, they're uncomfortable and impractical. I would go to great lengths to completely avoid wearing a dress for any occasion that called for it but for some strange reason, I've recently caught myself picking out the same shaped wrap dress in an assortment of different prints. I love that wrap dresses are essentially adjustable so sizing isn't too major of an issue. I also love that these dresses are suitable as everyday wear but you can fancy them up as well. Being able to wear the same piece for multiple occasions in multiple different ways is definitely a plus for this trend! Say goodbye to the days where your closet is filled of dresses you'd never wear twice. I think my newfound love for them also stems from being able to pair the dress with a comfortable and casual sneaker, like my Buffalo Platforms. Whatever the reason, I am all in on the wrap dress! How do you feel about it? My dress is from MOTEL but I've included a few other favs as well:


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