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Hoodie: STUSSY from BAIT | Pants: UNIF (sold out) | Glasses: ZERO UV 

Lets cut to the chase, I've been eyeing some Buffalo London platforms for over a year now. However, it wasn't until recently I realized that I couldn't live without them. Opening Ceremony released their first drop of the Classic High-Top Platform Sneaker and the Classic Low-Top Platform Sneaker a few months ago. If I remember correctly it was around January so after much holiday spending and planning my birthday trip to PD my wallet needed a break. I was tempted to buy them anyway but they were almost all sold out immediately except for one size, my size. I sat on them for weeks debating whether or not I should get them before they sell out. Was this fate or was this a bad decision? I scoured the internet trying to find them 1. for cheaper 2. anywhere else at all but I had no luck. I always assumed these shoes were easy to get a hold of which is why I never sweat over them prior. Of course, when my bank account and I finally decided it was time to take the plunge. THEY SOLD OUT COMPLETELY. In all colors. I was devastated but that also made me realize I actually really needed them in my closet not just because I'm shoe obsessed.

So in disparity, I bought a shoe that looked similar which I could wear in the meantime but for a fraction of the cost, FILA Disruptor II (at the time they were on sale at Sears for $50). I still love them but I like to have shoe options, ok? My FILA's are casual sneakers but the BUFFALO's could be worn casually or out for a night on the town, you feel me?? So this further solidified my reasoning for needing them. They finally just recently released their second drop at Opening Ceremony introducing a new color way. I had my heart set on the white pair but the nubuck shade was so tempting and OC had sold out in my desired size and color AGAIN so I scoured the internet once more and found they were also available at VFILES (yay!) but for about $50+ more (boo!)

I was set on purchasing them because at this point I didn't care about the cost, they just needed to get in my closet but I had no idea how they fit. I wasn't about to spend nearly $300 on a shoe just to get the wrong size. My dumb ass finally remembered that there is an Opening Ceremony brick & mortar store in LA so I called down asked if they had my size available, they didn't, but they had one size up so I put them on hold. I'm usually a size 8 - 8.5 in shoes but I drove down there to try them on anyway. They fit! Not perfectly, they definitely are a bit roomier than most of my shoes but since the ones I wanted were high top with velcro, it worked out perfectly! If you are getting the lows I'd definitely suggest not sizing up since I've heard from others they run big (I can't confirm this because I never tried my true size and I'm a borderline half size) but on the website it says the fit runs true.

Obviously, I finally bought them. The total came out to $212, much cheaper than if I were to have purchased them online and let me tell you, these are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned and I haven't been able to stop wearing them/pairing them with outfits. Definitely worth every penny/all the trouble.

I know this was long and mostly unnecessary but hopefully this helped!

P.S. if you haven't noticed, I switched back to blogger because it was difficult to interact on the other platform I was using so if you happen to like this post or my blog you can now give it like it, leave a comment and even subscribe so you don't miss a post!

Thanks for reading this ramble of a story xx

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